We are offering classes to teach beginning Scentwork which will advance based on individual needs of the dogs. 
Your first session will offer an introduction to what scentwork is and how to begin training. 
There are many different classes and venues of scentwork.   In AKC the classes are:
  • Container  – single scent is hidden in a box, Advanced and up multiple scents are hidden in a container of some sort – bag, purse, tote, can, etc.
  • Interior – single scent in a room setting, Advanced and up multiple scents are hidden in room setting
  • Exterior – single scent hidden outdoors among objects both natural and added such as lawn chair, wagon, etc.  Advance and up have multiple scents hidden
  • Buried – scent is buried in sand in container (see video below)  Advanced and up scent is buried in water, and water and/or sand
  • Handler discrimination – a glove or sock belonging to handler is hidden in a box.  Dog must find item.  Advanced and up – dog must find cotton ball with handler scent hidden in a room setting. 
Please bring a LOT of small treats to the class! 
See videos below of our dogs doing scent work.  First video – practicing interior search at home, second video – buried novice with dirt, third – buried novice with sand.