Meet Our Talented Instructors
Echo-OTCH Merichase Skye’s Legacy TD UDX3 SH OA AXJ WCX VCX VCD1 OBHF Perfect 200, MACH ptd.

Christy Thomas
Competitive Obedience Instructor
My passion is showing and training dogs for obedience and hunt test. I’ve also enjoyed success in agility, tracking and conformation.  Over the past twenty years, I’ve been fortunate to have trained some wonderful dogs to multiple titles!

U-UD Santana’s Miss Independence UD JH WC (Indy)

OTCH Morninglo Fire in the Sky UDX4 MH NA NAJ WCX VCX OS (Skye)

OTCH Merichase Skye’s Legacy TD UDX3 SH OA AXJ OBHF CCA (Multiple HIT plus a 200) (Echo)

CH OTCH Morgen’s Lil’Bit of Skyefire TD UDX8 OGM MH24 WCX** AX AXJ OBHF DDHF VCX  CCA OS (20 High In Trial and 23 High Combined in 2017), 2-200s (my current working dog) Beau-D

I share all that I have learned with my students in the Novice, Open and Utility competitive obedience classes at Canine Sports. My philosophy is to help each student to achieve whatever goals they chose to train for. I am also available for private lessons.

I am an AKC Hunt test judge and an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator. 

Christy and “Skye” OTCH Morninglo Fire in the Sky UDX4 MH NA NAJ WCX VCX OS) CH ptd.
Karen Phillips
S.T.A.R puppy, Basic obedience, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Agility
I have been training and competing with dogs for almost 20 years. I am a member of Cleveland All Breed Training Club (CABTC) and started my training with my labs at CABTC.
It was there that the bug bit me and soon I was shadowing instructors.

I currently have one golden that is training for her TDX tracking title. I am an AKC CGC evaluator and an AKC Tracking judge

Max with his UD!
MACH Hytree Maximum Strike VCD3 OM1 RAE JH MXB MJS NF WC CCA
Morgen’s Skyefire at Rvr Bend TD CD RE CGC
Laurie Loeffler
Sunday Agility Instructor
Laurie teaches the pre-agility, beginner and advanced agility classes. In addition to agility, Laurie trains for herding with her border collies.
Jan Niblock
Monday Agility Instructor
Jan is an agility judge and competitor. She teaches the Intermediate/Advanced agility class. Jan has many advanced agility titles on several different dogs. Jan is currently training her Aussie in both Agility and Rally.
Diane Jones
Rally Instructor
My black lab Jeeter (a former Guiding Eyes for the Blind puppy) and I have been competing in rally since 2011.  We have earned the World Cynosport Rally Champion title, several C-Wags class titles, and the AKC Master Rally title.  Jeeter also has novice titles in Obedience and Agility, Trick Dog and several titles in Dock Dogs.  As a reward to his agreeing to work in the Obedience ring (which was not a favorite, but he did earn his CD) we went on to compete in Barn Hunt, Shed Hunt, and Farm Dog.  Lastly we competed in C Wags and AKC Scentwork, which he absolutely loved, and titled in all the Novice classes and continued to title in the Advanced classes before passing.  I have experience training dogs of many different breeds as you can see from the picture of my family below:  Diesel (husky/shepherd, but all husky mentality), Jeeter (former Guiding Eyes black lab), Shelby (beagle/lab), and Bailey (15 pd German Spitz – all fluff).  I am now raising another black/tan lab, Vidal, for the Guiding Eyes for the Blind, and have recently adopted back Mack from the Guiding Eyes as he had medical issues so he could not go to assist a blind person.